Watts used to enjoy musicals. Now he can't hear a showtune without being reduced to tears.

His physical wounds will heal, but he will remain a broken man the rest of his days

–Alliance medical report

Lieutenant Watts was a Human from Corulag, and a Sergeant in the Empire. He was the copilot for Tempest Scout 2 during the Battle Of Endor and part of Tempest Force. They were assigned to defend the Shield Generator that protected the Death Star in orbit of the planet.

After seeing an Ewok playing by the window, Lieutenant Major Marquand told Watts to get him off of there. After opening the hatch, Watts was yanked out by Chewbacca, and tossed onto the ground. After shattering his back, Watts simply remained on the ground over night. A small group of Ewoks, whom Watts would describe as being masked later on, found him and had their way with him while humming "Singing In The Rain". After being discovered two days later by a Rebel patrol, Watts was taken to a medical bay aboard Home One.

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