Leslomy was a Duros who helped run the docking facilities in Mos Eisley, but spent much of her time observing Jabba The Hutt and casually interviewing his friends and underlings. She was secretly working on an unauthorized biography on the Hutt.

She was aware of Amanaman's work on a similar book, but delighted in his struggles as his novel was authorized, and therefore the Hutt had to approve every word. Tacema wasn't working under any such restrictions. She was also not held back by any truths.

She was killed in the Sail Barge when it exploded, thanks to Luke Skywalker. Her book was later completed by Ellors Madak, when he found the manuscript-in-progress in her apartment. This book, Jabba The Hutt: A Notorious Bastard, was a work of complete fiction that ended up being the basis for many of the New Republic's false claims against Jabba. Leslomy, and Ellors after her, had completely ignored all of Jabba's charity work and help towards recovering addicts.

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