Lehon getting bitchslapped by asteroids. Yay!

Lehon was a planet where the Rakata were from.  They are now extinct, but the planet is still around.  Nobody really goes there, though. 


Lehon is notable because the Rakata chose to not call themselves the Lehonians.  This is a rare thing in the Galaxy.  Humans did this too.  Unless they come from the planet, Human, which is not likely, as it sounds kinda lame. Rakata was in the Unknown Regions, but was actually the more important planet in the Galaxy during the Infinite Empire. Eventually, that empire collapsed, and Lehon became forgotten. Darth Revan found it, and used the ancient Star Forge there to do his war stuff. Then he helped destroy it. After that, Lehon was once again forgotten, and, this time, the rest of the Rakata all died.

Notable Residents

The Rakata. Darth Bane visited there once, but he didn't stay long.

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