Laze grew up with pals Luke Skywalker and Biggs Darklighter in Anchorhead on Tatooine. He got the imaginative nickname "Fixer" from Ephant Mon because he did such a good job repairing Mon's Landspeeder. Of course the repulsor engines were fighting with Ephant's weight something awful.

Laze created Sandsurfing because he was sick of not being able to beat Biggs and Luke at flying the T-16s. He was defintiely the best Sandsurfer on the entire planet because everyone realized how stupid it was. Sliding a surfboard down a dune got old after the first couple tries, but it still impressed the hottest girl on the planet, Camie. Luke's Uncle told Laze to get Camie off that rock as soon as they were married in hopes that she wouldn't get sandblasted the way Beru had.

Eventually all the time wasted hanging out at the power station in Anchorhead paid off as Merl Tosche, the owner, gave Laze a steady job there. The job mostly entailed cleaning sand out of things.

Biggs and Luke eventually disappeared, and Camie had to settle for Laze and his mechanic ass. They got married, but he stayed on Tatooine and his wife got sandblasted.
800px-Owen Luke

Uncle Owen tells Luke not to spend so much time with that hooligan, but if Camie wanted to come by perhaps for some sunbathing, well...that....that might be acceptable.

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