Lt. Renz trying to act tuff for his troops. What a Gaymo!

"You rebel scum!"

Lieutenant Renz was an Imperial officer attached to Tempest Force, which protected the Shield Generator on Endor that protected the Death Star in orbit.

Lt. Renz, or jerk face as he became known was a mediocre officer with no real ambitions in life other than to walk around and look important. Renz started out as a regular private conscript stormtrooper in the Imperial ranks…………and stayed that way for nearly fifteen years. Finally, one day, a wild hair wiggled its way up Renz’s rear, and he went to Officer Candidate School. At OCS he excelled in being the last in the class, and finally graduated after a two year stay………………as last in the class. For actually graduating and receiving a commission, Renz was actually given an assignment of responsibility.

He was stationed at the bunker on Endor, and was the Officer in Charge of the police call, and latrine cleaning details, at the bunker. When the Battle of Endor really kicked off, Colonel Dyer, the real Commander, was killed. Renz assumed command of the bunker. It was at this very moment Renz pulled his side arm, and on a dare from one of the troops, he jumped in front of Han Solo and stated….”You Rebel Douchebag”. That quote was later changed to something more hurtful, which we won’t mention here. When the Bunker was secure, Renz ordered a lockdown, and then went to hide in the restroom.

After the battle subsided, Han Solo disguised himself as an AT-ST pilot and gave a false signal to the Imperials that they had won the forest battle and reinforcements were needed to continue pursuing the fleeing Rebels. Renz was taken prisoner before the Rebels destroyed the bunker.

As Lt. Renz was being escorted out of the bunker, he tripped, and while trying to grab a weapon, three Ewoks ran up and stabbed him several times in the face, and then shot him in the back. Then then devoured him because he smelled like BBQ pork loin.

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