Krelman was a homeless Schmoozen who wandered Mos Eisley in search of truth and fun. One night he stumbled into the Cantina and saw Ackmena, instantly falling love with her. He would steal flowers, an incredibly rare thing on Tatooine, to give to her in attemps of winning her affection.

One night, Krelman stopped by the Cantina right after closing time, to find the front door was unlocked. He entered, and heard moaning from the back office. Alarmed, and concerned for his lady love, he ran in only to find her in a threeway with Tork and Limba Minakins. Devastated, Krelman reported this activity the next day to Chalmun, the owner of the Cantina.

He later returned home to his native Schmooz, and was able to develop a formula for an incredibly popular soft drink, which he named after his home planet. He was rich within months, but still kept his original wardrobe.

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