Who loves ya, baby?

Kowak was the Outer Rim planet that was home to Kowakians.


Kowak was covered in jungles. These jungles were the home to many different lifeforms, but the dominant ones were the Kowakians, which were also known as Monkey-Lizards. This name was given by people who were unfamiliar with what a lizard is. Kowak was deemed unfit for colonies, but some scientists from the University of Coruscant visited to study the various species found there. The Kowakians were interested, and showed signs of understanding the language. One of the scientists, however, tried to put pants on a seemingly docile Kowakian, and it went nuts and ate the faces and genitals of the Humans, leaving them to die in the jungle. Despite this grizly incident, Kowakians were still occasionally collected as pets for the wealthy and the eccentric.

Notable Residents

Salacious Crumb was from Kowak.

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