The Jedi press corps records Manlove at the Battle of Geonosis for posterity

Kotor Manlove was one of the Younglings in the Jedi Temple who were never picked as a Padawan by a Master. He was stuck on the planet Kansas, assigned to assist in Nerf herding. As is the custom with Jedi who are never chosen as Padawans, Kotor was able to return to Coruscant every ten years to try again. By the time he returned to the temple for his final attempt, he noticed he was older than most of the Masters looking for learners. Finally letting it sink in that he'd never be a Padawan, and thus never a Jedi Knight, Kotor overheard Mace Windu requesting volunteers for a task force to accompany him to Geonosis for a rescue attempt. Without actually specifying his training or past, Kotor shouted that he was in.

Kotor was the first Jedi casualty at the Battle Of Geonosis.

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