Klatooine's planetary anthem had a 45 minute drum solo, but they never won any medals anyway.

Klatooine was the arid planet Klatooinians came from. Not to be confused with Klaatooine.


As an Outer Rim world filled with scary aliens, Klatooine was ignored by the Republic. This allowed the Hutts to swoop in and take control and enslave the population. The Klatooinians were surprisingly OK with that. They didn't even bother revolting until after the Galactic Civil War. Princess Leia helped the revolt and Klatooine joined the New Republic, or whatever it was called at that point.

Notable Residents

Snickers was from Klatooine, but she left to become a sleazy drifter. Tarados Gon was alos born there, but also left. Basically, if you wanted to make anyhting of yourself, you got the hell off of Klatooine.

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