This is Klaatooine. Or Klatooine.

Klaatooine was the planet where the green skinned Klaatu came from. No Niktos ever came from there.


Klaatooine was in the Outer Rim near Klatooine. But they weren't the same planet. They were pronounced the same. Klaatu were native to Klaatooine, but there were long debates among the Galactic biologists as to whether they were originally came fron Kintan. The Klaatu themsleves were useless in this debate, because they had very little patience for nerds. Klaatoine was under the control of the Hutts, but was not part of Hutt Space.

Notable Residents

J'oopi Shé was born on Klaatooine, as were Mother Bacon and the Bacon Brothers. Even Yotts Orren.

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