Kaydel Ko Connix was born to an Alderaanian actress who did a few movies and lots of drugs more than thirty years ago but now mostly only does the occasional novel, cameo, or script rewrite.

Like most girls of Alderaanian heritage, Connix counted Leia Organa as a personal role  model. Desiring to emulate the famous princess turned freedom fighter, she sought to join the Resistance when she was old enough. Thanks to the fact she was related to a high-ranking Resistance officer who was able to pull strings, she was accepted, and she quickly proved her value to her superiors.

Just prior to the Battle of Starkiller Base, Connix was assigned to Resistance headquarters, and in an attempt to impress General Organa, Connix tracked down Leia's stylist droid from the Tantive IV. She immediately tested the droid by asking him to style her hair the way he last styled Leia's. The result was close enough, so she prepared to gift the long-missing droid to Leia the next day.

Resistance pilot Poe Dameron was well known for having the best hair in the Resistance, and he wanted to make sure Leia was unable to take the title, so he deleted the droid's hairstyling protocols and replaced them with the first program he found in the Resistance library, Analysis of Alderaanian Primate Anatomy.

General Organa was ecstatic to be reunited with her stylist droid, and she immediately requested he make Poe Dameron cry by giving her the best hair in the Resistance. Much to Poe's surprise, Leia's opinion was that she was pulling off the resulting hairstyle, and equally surprisingly most of the Resistance agreed, though Admiral Statura, often lauded as "the most senior officer in the room with an actual scientific background" would later tell Poe over a few too many beers that Leia's hair looked exactly like an Alderaanian baboon's ass.

Connix would continue making discrete use of the stylist droid to look like her idol.

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