Most Wookiees didn't even know what a Kybuck was.

The Kashyyyk Kybucks were a JFL team from the Wookie homeworld Kashyyyk.


After the destruction of the Despayre Slaveworkers, the JFL felt kind of bad about how it had allowed the team to use Wookiee slaves. In order to make amends to the Wookiees, they offered to put an expansion franchise on Kashyyyk. While this was a nice gesture, it forced Kashyyyk to borrow heavily to fund a new stadium, and many Wookiees were still upset about the whole slave thing, so they promised to boycott the games. A poll was used to name the team, and the winning idea was the Kashyyyk Kashyyykians, but the league felt that name was idiotic, so they named them the Kybucks instead, even though there were no Kybucks on Kashyyyk.

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