Kashyyk was actually pronounced Kash-aye-aye-aye-k, but nobody ever pronounced it that way.

The Wookie homeworld. Tons of trees, and a whole lotta sand.


Kashyyk was in the Mid Rim. When it was initially discovered, the native Wookies were thought to be unintelligent brutes, and were enslaved. This worked out OK for a little while, but then the Wookies remembered that they could snap Humans like twigs, and they revolted. They even reverse-engineered their own hyperdrives just to prove that they were smart enough to be part of the Republic. Eventually the planet was important enough that it became a major battleground during the Clone Wars. When the Empire took over, they went with the slavery route again, but this time they remembered to outgun the Wookiees by a significant factor. They even tried to steal Life Day, but instead they learned that maybe Life Day didn't come from a store. Maybe Life Day... perhaps... meant a little bit more. When the Empire fell, the New Republic freed the Wookies, though people kept trying to enslave them again. Darth Krayt, in one of his few good decisions, finally figured out that enslaving a species that can rip your arms off isn't that great of an idea.

The Kashyyyk Kybucks were a JFL franchise, though many locals stopped following them after Wookiees were banned from the league due to excessively gruesome fatalities on the field.

Notable Residents

Chewbacca and his family, Mallatobuck, Lumpawaroo, and Attichitcuk, were from Kashyyk. Also, Tarfful, Yarua, Zaalbar, and Chalmun.

Jolee Bindo and Galen Marek were Humans that lived there for awhile.

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