Karie Neth listening intently while Admiral Ackbar blathers on about something or other.

Karie Neth was a pilot for the Rebel Alliance. She might have been hot.

Rogue Squadron

Karie was born on the planet Naboo. Like most young girls from that planet, she initially wanted to be a handmaiden, but her name was not accented properly, so her application was denied. After reading an article in the popular Retarded Teenage Girl magazine about careers that attract boys, Karie decided to become a pilot. She was hired by a local freight company and trained to fly an escort ship. While not a strong pilot, Karie showed excellent marksmanship. Being one of the only woman working for the company who wasn't gross, she was courted by most of her coworkers. Karie was dissatisfied with the quality of suitors and decided to move on.

Rebel Recruit

While in a bar on Corellia, Karie met Rebel hero Wedge Antilles. Karie was quite impressed with the him and his stories about the Battle of Yavin and accepted his invitation to join the rebellion. She assumed that Wedge's invitation was predicated on a desire to sleep with her, but, much to her dismay, Wedge showed no interest in her beyond her skills as a fighter pilot. She would learn that this was because he preferred older women. Even so, Karie's abilities quickly landed her a spot in Wedge's elite Rogue Squadron.

Battle of Endor

800px-Owen Luke

Owen shows Luke his old high school.

Since she was a better gunner than pilot, Karie was assigned to Gray Squadron during the Battle of Endor. She served as the gunner for Lieutenant Telsij's Y-Wing. During the briefing aboard Home One Karie was introduced to Lando Calrissian. Lando, looking to bang her, offered her a job as a gunner on the Millenium Falcon, but General Madine threw a fit about Lando changing the existing flight groups, so she declined. Lando gave her a coy smile, and promised to see her later. During the battle, most of the Y-Wings were easily shot down since they were really ill-suited for ship-to-ship combat. Telsij's Y-Wing stayed close to Home One and Karie used its ion canons to disable incoming fighters from a distance. Once the shield around the Death Star was down, Telsij followed Gray Leader, Horton Salm, to the access shaft, but did not enter. Instead, Telsij kept the ship close to the surface of the station, while Karie fired at any active surface turbolasers and incoming ships. Once word came to pull away from the Death Star, Telsij returned to Home One.

After That

After the battle, Karie went to the surface of Endor's forest moon to join the celebration. After thoroughly celebrating Karie was reunited with General Calrissian and his co-pilot and the three of them spent the rest of the night together. Not surprisingly, Lando never called her again. She went on a couple of dates with Nien, but, without Lando, there was really no spark there. Karie remained in Rogue Squadron for several years, before returning to Naboo and hosting a popular talkshow.

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