Malloc was a Devaronian who also went by "Louie", "The Devil", "Horseshlong", "Labria", and "The Butcher of Montellian Serat".

Back on his homeworld, he ran a Nerf farm and bred the Nerfs to ship out for meat. He ended up tiring of the herding life, and opened a butcher shop in the capital city Montellian Serat. This had nothing to do with the execution of 700 captured Rebels.

Later, estranged from his wife and daughter due to his long hours in the butcher shop, Kardue'Sai' decided it was better for both of them to not have him around. He opened a butcher shop in Mos Eisley on the desert planet of Tatooine, but the Jerba meat wasn't nearly as good as his beloved Nerf meat. He tried fruitlessly to get Nerf meat shipped to Tatooine, and eventually let the butcher shop close down. He spent his days at the Cantina, finding he could laugh only when he'd had several pints to wash away the hurt.

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