Kamino Aiwhas

It was difficult to tell if the Aiwha in the logo was angry or just suffering from crippling depression.

The Kamino Aiwhas were a JFL team on Kamino.


The Aiwas were formed at the beginning of the Clone Wars, when Kamino was discovered by Obi-Wan Kenobi. JFL management figured it was a good choice for a franchise because there were lots of Clones training there, and it was always raining, so they would be likely to sit around inside and watch football. For these reasons, the Aiwhas were very popular and the fans became obsessively devoted, needing some place to project their rain-induced depression. The team had some good years, and even made it to a championship game, but they lost to the referees. Many Kaminoans committed suicide after the game, in what was later voted one of the most hilarious mass-suicides in JFL history.

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