Not only was Kamino covered in oceans, but it rained all the time.

It goes without saying, but Kaminoans lived on Kamino, and the Battle Of Kamino happened there. Yep.


What you may not have guessed from the name though is that the Kaminoans had cloning facilities in the cities they built high above the raging waves of the planet. The Republic's Clonetroopers were bred and trained there for the ten years before the Clone Wars. At some point someone deleted Kamino from the Jedi Archives. This tactic completely failed to hide the planet. It did briefly mess up the Kamino Aiwhas schedule.

Notable Residents

Technically, most of the Clones were from Kamino. Including Boba Fett.
800px-Owen Luke

"Damn, just look at all that moisture!"

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