Kalit was the Chief of his Jawa tribe, and Aved Luun was his mate. For his tribe's benefit, he hung around Jabba's Palace in order to get help securing a truce with a rival Jawa tribe. What he was really doing there was feeding his bloodthirst by watching all the victims of the Rancor and drooling as Jabba's goons ruffed up anyone who crossed him. Kalit saw how Jabba ruled by fear, and he often emulated the Hutt. He gave in to his anger. And Aved gave him no shortage of opportunities, since she was constantly feeling up guys in the Palace. Kalit finally made an example of Ree-Yees when Aved was up on him. He beat the Gran within an inch of his life, seeming to gain even more of Jabba's favor.

He was killed in the explosion when Luke Skywalker fired the deck cannon at the Sail Barge.

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