Rondell K'Riegert was a Human from Coruscant. He originally served in the Republic Security Bureau until he was booted out for stalking Queen Apailana of Naboo. He then went into the private detection business, ultimately taking an overwhelming amount of jobs to spy on wives and girlfriends to determine if they were cheating. Stalking women was nothing new for him, but he quickly lost his mind from witnessing so much infidelity. His final case was for Gaskell Cup to of course determine if his love interest, Jewel Bottombiter, was sleeping around.

He followed her to Corman, where she picked up a mysterious drifter named Miles O'Keeffe. K'Riegert took holo-images of the two engaging in coitus, and then reported back to Cup. Despite the clear evidence, Cup dragged his feet about confronting Jewel in any manner. This pushed K'Riegert to begin stalking her more openly and leaving her clues that someone was lurking her. Waiting for Cup to do something, anything, about this situation drove K'Riegert over the edge, and he began murdering Jewel's friends and family members. Finally, when Cup figured out who was doing this atrocities, he confronted K'Riegert and insisted on turning the PI into the authorities. He also made it clear that he'd forgiven his girlfriend, and knew it was something she would never do again. This drove Rondell over the edge. He murdered Cup, and kidnapped Jewel.

He explained to her his pathetic reason for snapping, and then grabbed the knives. That's when Miles showed up to save the day, but K'Riegert shot him in the chest. He then tied Jewel up, preparing to kill her when the lights went out. K'Riegert looked for Miles' body, but it was missing. That's when O'Keeffe stiff-legged kicked K'Riegert in the face, and then beat him to death with a lamp.

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