Juggernauts were used heavily in the Battle of Kashyyyk.

Juggernauts were massive ten wheeled assault vehicles, introduced during the Clone Wars. They were also really 'spensive!

Why Ten Wheels?

The Juggernaut was originally designed by Colonel Short Wormwood of the Galactic Marines to be a four wheeled armored troop carrier. As the designs for the Juggernaut were being presented before Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, General Ohm Cratch sensed a opportunity to repurpose the project to satisfy his own need for a heavy equipment carrier. He asked that the specifications be changed to include six wheels. Outraged at the breach of protocol, Colonel Wormwood excalimed, "Why not eight or even ten wheels?". Palapatine oddly did not sense the sarcasm and famously slapped his hand on the conference table with a boisterous "I LOVE IT!". Not wanting to challenge the Supreme Chancellor, a ten wheeled Juggernaut was rushed through design and production stages.

In a fateful twist, this argument turned misunderstanding into wheeled-tank-led-victory over the separatist forces at the battle of Kashyyyk. Had the Turbo Tank's impressive weight not been distributed over ten wheels, it surely would have sunk in the soft sands of the Kashyyyk beaches.

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