Jocasta Obi

Jocasta teaches Obi-Wan how to select a printer.

Jocasta Nu was the Jedi Librarian around the time of the Clone Wars.

Jedi Temple Archive

Jocasta's primary role was to manage the extensive archive of Jedi materials located in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant.

Her duties included:

  • Providing reference services to members of the Jedi order
  • Working with Jedi Grand Master Yoda to develop an information literacy program for all younglings
  • Selecting and purchasing new materials for the collection
  • Making sure no one was deleting records out of the archive
  • Providing descriptive metadata for each resource
  • Coordinating Inter-library loan requests
  • Asking the Jedi Council for more funding

In addition to her role as the librarian, she was also a fully trained Jedi Knight.

Clone Wars

As the Clone Wars lingered on, the Jedi Order saw a need to deploy as many Knights as possible into military service. While Jocasta was reluctant to leave her post, she accepted her appointment as a general and was placed in charge of the 791.43rd clone battalion led by Commander Dutch. The battalion was sent to the planet Halowan, which had recently been invaded by the CIS. Under Jocasta's leadership, the battalion flew their Shadow ARC-170's into the planet's central city at night. The dark color of the ships made it impossible for the battle droids to see them. Once they landed, they set up a base, but since Jocasta knew way more about libraries than military bases, she instructed the clones to include extensive book stacks and several desks in the quiet study area. She did not include a coffee shop because she didn’t feel it was appropriate for a military base. When the battle droids entered the base, they were immediately shushed and directed to the stacks, where they engaged in a lengthy gun battle with the waiting clones. Because gun battles in book stacks are awesome.

Return to the Library

Owen Luke-reverse

Uncle Owen tells Luke to go to the library and look at porn like a normal teenager.

Despite her victory, the Jedi Council decided to reassign her back to the library because someone kept pooping on the floor and Yoda couldn't find the young adult fiction section. Jocasta was happy to return to her more peaceful role. At the end of the Clone Wars, Darth Vader got all mopey and stormed the Jedi Temple. When he entered the temple's library, Jocasta chastised him for entering too loudly and insisted that he follow the library's "no food and drinks" policy, then condescendingly suggested that maybe he should have paid attention during orientation. In response, Vader killed her while declaring that the archives were useless because everything he needed was on the Holonet anyway.