Jewel was a human from the planet Garduno. She met Miles O'Keeffe on Corman when he was looking for a ride. He didn't seem to care where he was going, but Jewel was more than happy to take him there. After sleeping together, she confessed to not being single and left him in Mos Eisley with some cash and a special time keeping device her father had left her. She later would kick herself for doing something so stupid.

When she arrived back home her boyfriend, Gaskell Cup, was acting a little odd, which only added to the guilt she was feeling about Miles. One by one though, he friends began dying or disappearing. Jewel became paniced that O'Keeffe was unstable, and her mistake was much more severe than she'd thought.

Then she found Gaskell dead, and it turned out to be a man she'd never seen before named K'Riegert. He'd been paid by Gaskell to follow her around and see if she ever cheated on him. Of course she had, but Gaskell recognized it was a one time mistake and would forgive her for it. K'Riegert, on the other hand, couldn't forgive her and began taking vengeance even though he'd just met her. He explained to Jewel that he was sicking of being sent "to that world" by people like Cup.

That's when Miles showed up to save the day, but K'Riegert shot him in the chest. He then tied Jewel up, preparing to kill her when the lights went out. K'Riegert looked for Miles' body, but it was missing. That's when he stiff-legged kicked K'Riegert in the face, and then beat him to death with a lamp. Jewel nailed Miles one more time before O'Keeffe left to search for his missing father.


Jewel's personal ship was the SS Larry Brand.

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