Jess was in charge of managing the "Slave Girls" at Jabba's Palace. For the recovering addicts who needed the tough love treatment, Jabba would put them in revealing outfits and chain them up. They could leave anytime they wanted, and were often subjected to extremely severe workouts through interpretive dance arranged by Jess. Her goal was to keep them busy enough to not get bored and want to use again.

Jess was also romantically linked to Bib Fortuna. The two would often get their jollies torturing his Man-Harem together. Jess was particularly fond of pegging Darnay Pusifut. Bib and Jess found love through the infliction of pain and discomfort, and were unable to deny their feelings. Bib's work in taking over Jabba's criminal organization meant the couple took their physical relationship extremely slowly.

Jess accompanied Bib on the Sail Barge when Jabba took everyone to the Sarlacc pit, and was waiting for him in one of the private rooms where they'd finally 'go all the way', but Luke Skywalker blew her and most of the other passengers up during the Skirmish At Carkoon.

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