An awesome jawa.

Jawas were short, robed creatures from Tatooine. Nobody really knew what they looked like underneath their robes, although Terry Bradshaw was once photographed without his hood a long time ago.

Jawas were often viewed as filthy, because it was thought they never showered and also collected garbage. In fact, jawas were meticulously clean, but often sprayed themselves with special poop-smelling perfume to keep the sand people away. Jawas were highly intelligent, athletic, comical, even-tempered, and sexy. Jawas didn't believe in the force, even though there were rumors that a Jawa named Akial joined the Jedi Order right before the Clone Wars. Akial was actually a con-artist, and it is believed that he went to the Coruscant to try to sell the inappropriately named "Jawa Juice" to unsuspecting restaurant owners. Since it was rare for a jawa to leave Tatooine, Akial became somewhat legendary, and jawas told stories to their children that if they didn't behave, the scary 12 foot tall Jedi Akial was going to kill them until they died from it.


Anti-Jawa stereotypes were common throughout the Galaxy. Due to the high rates of poverty and crime among Jawas, many of these stereotypes are based on actual behavioral patterns found among certain Jawas. They include:
800px-Owen Luke

Owen points at the approaching jawa sandcrawler and tells Luke he's going to dicker with them on the price of the droids. Luke snickers at the word "dicker".

  • All Jawas steal droids
  • Jawas are afraid of sharks
  • Jawas borrow things and don't return them
  • All Jawas are communists
  • Jawas are illiterate
  • Jawas like to wear vinyl clothing
  • Jawas are obsessed with sports


Jawas do, in fact, have a strong affinity for organized sports. While some of the less refined Jawas enjoy baseball, the most popular Jawa sports are American Football and, surprisingly, ice hockey.

For many years jawas maintained their own professional football league and regularly competed in exhibition matches with teams made up of larger beings. The Jawa Football League became so popular that it eventually absorbed the older, more established, Coruscant Confederation of Rugby- despite the fact that this was a rugby league. This move angered many of Coruscant's elite and legislation was pushed through the senate that disbanded the JFL and made it ilegal for any Jawa to play football. When the Emperor signed the law, he issued a strong warning to all Jawas to abide by the ruling or face harsh consequences.