Janek Sunber grew up on Tatooine, mostly in Anchorhead with his friends Luke Skywalker, Laze Loneozner, Biggs Darklighter, and Camie. He knew at a young age he was different, but just couldn't admit it to his buddies.

Janek found himself getting extremely jealous of Camie, as they were competing for Darklighter's attention even when they were kids. Sunber felt he had an advantage though, as he could sneak in under the radar.

Janek acquired the nickname "Tank" after the gang stole some of Luke's Uncle's stash of Spratch. Janek chugged one beer at the urging of his friends, and immediately threw up, unable to hold his alcohol at all. They would often tease him, especially in front of girls, about his ability to handle beer in a sarcastic manner. Janek didn't care what girls thought of him, but Biggs' mocking really stung.

Then Biggs started talking about the Academy. Janek had made himself available at a young age to Biggs as someone he could talk to about anything, with no judgement. So, when Darklighter mentioned psychiatry school, Janek faked interest in accompanying him. It was perfect because he could get Biggs alone, finally!

Of course Biggs nailed Camie right before they split, but he could forgive him that. At the Academy though, Janek noticed Biggs losing interest and his grades slipped drastically. One night Janek came back to the dorm room, determined to finally come clean with Darklighter after something he'd learned in his Human Sexuality class, but Biggs had left with Derek Klivian to join the Rebel Alliance. What did Klivvian have that Sunber was lacking?!

It was with this rage that Sunber signed up for the Imperial Academy, which was where they'd told Luke they were going in the first place.

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