The San Hill Years

The Intergalactic Banking Clan was a powerful commerce guild during the reigns of several galactic governments.  It was controlled mostly by the Muuns (coincidentally, from the planet Muunilist).  During the Clone Wars, San Hill was the Chairman of the IGBC.  San Hill rose to power because he was the one that came up with the name, "InterGalactic Banking Clan", which the members liked better than its previous name, "The Associated Bank of Consisting of a Loose Union of Federated Planets Looking to Profit In Any Way Possible, Even If it Means We Play Both Sides", or the ABCLUFPLPAWPEMWPBS.

However, the Board of Directors soon realized that the term "InterGalactic" was stupid, and obviously San Hill was a moron.  They had no business dealings with anything outside the Galaxy.  In order to recover from this egregious error, San Hill himself travelled to the Rishi Maze, where he bought a keychain at a tourist kiosk.  This allowed him to claim that he had intergalactic financial interests.  The IGBC name was now valid, which suited the Board just fine, because they hadn't budgeted to reprint all their business cards and stationery so soon after the last name change.  San Hill became a hero, and continued his role as Chairman throughout the Clone Wars, until he was killed by Darth Vader


The IGBC funded the rebuilding of Qymaen jai Sheelal into General Grievous.  This technology was later used to rebuild Darth Vader after Obi-Wan Kenobi failed to kill him, seemingly satisfied with leaving him as a flaming pile of whining meat on Mustafar.  Obi-Wan learned this trick from watching the evil villains in action in the original Batman holonet show. 

800px-Owen Luke

Owen Lars shows Luke where the closest IGBC ATM is.

During the days of the First Galactic Empire, the IGBC tried to raise money by allowing the government to turn in their old clone armor in exchange for discounted brand new stormtrooper armor.  This was a great financial success for both the government and the IGBC.  One drawback was that the new stormtrooper armor was not offered in multiple colors, because tough times required everyone to cut back.  This resulted the Imperial military's decision to do away with the highly popular color-coded unit designations.  The move alienated a lot of people in the galaxy who adored the various color combinations. The uproar led to a large recruiting boost for the rebel alliance.

Eventually, the IGBC began to weaken under the "leadership" of Chairman Ber-Nee Maydoffee.  After a series of bad loans to spice addicts and Lando Calrissian, the IGBC went bankrupt.  The Emperor refused to bail them out because that would be stupid.  Instead he sent Darth Vader to kill all the executives.


Contrary to some rumors, ICMG did not work for IGBC.


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