Eopies Logo

The Eopies use an Eopie shoe on their helmet despite the fact that Eopies don't wear shoes.

The Iktotchi City Eopies were a JFL franchise from Iktotch.


The were Eopies originally owned by the Corporate Alliance, and played their home games on Kooriva. During a late-season game against the Bestine Snugglebutts, the Eopies found themselves trailing badly at half-time, and in need of a single win to make the playoffs. Invoking an obscure JFL rule, team management decided to relocate the team to Iktotch. Since the Snugglebutts weren't told where the game was being finished, they were forced to forfeit, and the Eopies won. As a punishment for what some have called a dirty tactic, the team was ordered to remain on Iktotch forever, even though the Iktotchi generally weren't interested in football. The loyal fans of Kooriva were devastated, and have continuously petitioned for an expansion franchise. Many have become fans of the Duros Douchebags, mostly because they are front-running shitheads.

Later SuccessEdit

The team had a great run of success on Iktotch, but they almost always came up short in the playoffs. Some suggest that their long-standing practice of resting their startes for the last 12 games of the regular season leaves them unprepared, but others point out that the team has no heart and relies on a few over-rated skill-position players at the cost of depth.

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