A map of part of Hyrule. The rest is obscured by clouds in a time-honored technique of lazy mapmakers.

Hyrule is a planet in Wild Space.  It is the home of the Hylia, as well as several other fantastical creatures. 


The history of Hyrule is mysterious and confusing. It clearly has some kind of monarchy, but the tradition of reusing names makes it difficult to figure out who is who. Presumably there are kings, but they don't seem to do much, leaving most of the important stuff to princesses and children- many of whom show a strong natural ability with the Force. The inhabitants of the planet seem to be willfully ignorant of technology, and spend much of their time going on adventures, collecting powerful artifacts, and solving elaborate puzzles.  Despite this, nobody ever seems to make clear reference to any past events, despite the fact that each adventure and many of the puzzles are almost identical to previous ones. It's a silly place.

Notable Residents

Lord Farfalla is one of the few residents of Hyrule to use technology to leave the world.

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