This incident (21032-21128) was a horrible episode in Galactic history.  Yingo the Nerf Brutalizer had the entire nerf population so petrified of any humanoid type being, that regular nerf-herders couldn't get near them.  There was a critical shortage of nerf meat and nerf wool during this period. This caused widespread panic among sentients and also several planetary surfaces spontanously combusted.  Many JFL games were cancelled, popular holonet shows were cancelled. The Intergalactic Banking Clan nearly collapsed, and had to be bailed out at the cost of 456,780 gadzillion credits to the taxpayer.

After Yingo was finally killed, it took about 25 years before the fear could be bred out of the nerf population.  Things slowly got back to normal.

Or did they??

Nerf yingo 01

People prepare for the worst by hiding their cars inside their houses

Nerf yingo 02

Drivers lose all sense of direction when terrified nerfs run through the streets

Nerf yingo 03

Oh no! Thomas derails in order to avoid smashing into freaked out nerfs fleeing across his tracks.

Nerf yingo 04

Airships spontanously combust during the worst of the rapings

Nerf yingo 05

Oh god, the carnage! It's the worst thing ever!

Nerf yingo 06

Scientists work around the clock to devise a weapon that will stop Yingo.

Nerf yingo 07

Yingo is finally killed. Yay!

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