How much

Hr'chek expressing his amazement at the price of an ARC-170.

Hr'chek was a Saurin known for his haggling ability. At a young age, he had lost all the hair on his head due to both stress over prices and from slapping his hand roughly against the top of his head when exclaiming his catchphrase "It costs HOW much?!?!?"

His wide eyed face was seen frequently in the Cantina in Mos Eisley, but he tried to only hang out with people shorter than himself in an attempt to fool the Tonnika Sisters into thinking he wasn't so slight in stature. When Han Solo, the most eligible bachelor on the planet, took off with some kid and an old man, the sisters decided their options were slim and then...oh wait, no erotic stuff. Gotcha.

Hr'chek would frequent the local shops on Tatooine and other planets to find the latest in deals in the realm of ACTION FIGURE COLLECTING. Hr'chek's favorite store to buy action figures was the local WOMPRATS 'R' US toy stores. It was here that one day, while searching for the latest wave of his favorite action figures, Hr'chek made a discovery that nearly caused him to quit collecting altogether. Sitting on a shelf was the newest ARC-170 starfighter, and it retailed for 80.00 credits! And what do you know, sitting on the shelf right below it was the previous release ARC-170 starfighter, and it was still half the price as the newer one.

Arc prices

Hr'check took this photo which led to his toy rampage of death.

Hr'chek went absolutely ballistic, and began shooting up the store with his trusty side arm. He took pictures of said toys and emailed them to the toy company (which quickly destroyed them and never made any mention of it). He was furious! Did the manufacturer really expect him to pay double the price for a simple repaint of an item, when the original was still sitting right there?? He shot the store up some more, all the while cursing at the top of his lungs about this atrocity which threatened his already overflowing storage units that housed his collection. Hr'chek was finally tackled, brutally beaten, arrested, and finally bannded from WOMPRATS 'R' US for life. This was a fate worse then death, because Hr'Check was forced to buy new items for his collection from Wal*Mart, which was a horrible place filled with Hutts that drove around in motorized shopping carts with their 9 dirty children with mullets.

Hrchek's cousin, Sai'torr Kal Fas, worked as his bodyguard.