Meeting designed the helmet himself basing it on the native Wampas.

The Hoth Echos were a big mistake.  In an effort to raise morale on the bleak planet, some Rebel Officers, led by Dick Meeting decided to start the football team.  It was a bad move. 


The Alliance forces had just fled from Yavin, and were looking for a place to settle down for a while.  Hoth seemed like a great place to hide.  They built an entire complex in complete secrecy.  The work was tedious, and Dick Meeting decided it would be a good idea to start a football team, and perhaps petition the Jawa Football League for entrance.  Meeting did this quietly, because he wanted to surprise his fellow Rebels.  His team practiced in secrecy, which would be doubly hard for anyone to find, since they were keeping it a secret from people who were already living in secret. 


Anyway, after a few months of hard practice on the frozen tundra of Echo Field, Meeting really felt the team had come along way, so he wrote a letter to the JFL.  They were immediately accepted, and Meeting was ecsatic.  The Hoth Echos were published on the League schedule for 3 ABY.  Carlist Rieekan saw the schedule, and totally freaked out.  He knew they were doomed.  At that same moment, Darth Vader was reading the morning paper over a cup o' joe, and saw the schedule. Two weeks later, an Imperial probe droid landed on Hoth, and discovered the Base.  Long story short, the Rebel Transport carrying the Echos was blown up before it could escape to the Alliance rendezvous point.  Amazingly, Meeting survived the battle, and was not on the transport.

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