How cold was Hoth? Really cold.

Hoth was a cold damn planet in the Outer Rim. Even colder than a freezer at the grocery store.


Native creatures to Hoth included Wampa and Tauntauns which survived by eating each other and nothing else. The planet was considered to be worthless. The Rebel Alliance set up a secret base on this inhospitable planet for a time, but they were discovered by an Imperial Probe Droid. This led to the route known as the Battle of Hoth. After that, the planet was occasionally visited by tourists, Wampa hunters, and unoriginal authors who liked to reuse locations. The JFL's Hoth Echos were organized on Hoth, but never got the chance to play a game.

Notable Residents

Darth Dank was from Hoth. Lots of people died there. Dick Meeting lived there for some time. Lord Hoth was not from Hoth, nor did he ever visit it.

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