800px-Owen Luke

Owen Lars, lacking a remote control, telling Luke to go change the holonet channel.

The holonet was a near galaxy-wide communications system that allowed for the free flow of information from planet to planet.  It was pretty neat; kind of like radio, TV, and internet all in one.  It was one of those miracle-type technology things that everyone took for granted.  It was fully funded by successive galactic governments, and paid for entirely with tax dollars.  News and critical information could be transmitted throughout the galaxy, which was important, but most people used it to watch their favorite shows and to find porn.  In 862 BBY, the series finale of M*A*S*H recorded the highest ratings in holonet history.  The numbers would hold until 519 BBY,when the Happy Bunny Sith Apprentice Competition blew it off the charts. Later, for over 60 years, up until the reign of Palpatine, the Jawa Football League games were by far the most popular programs on the entire net. 

The Yuuzhan Vong took down the entire holonet for the first time in history during their invasion from another galaxy.  It was later discoverd that motive for the Vong invasion was jealousy over the fact that they had not yet discoverd High Definition Holonet.  When the war was over, the Republic attempted repairs.  Frustrations mounted because the Holonet provider was only willing to give vague repair appointments. Members of the Republic were too busy rebuilding the galaxy to have the time to sit at home and wait from 8am to 6pm for the Holonet guy to show up.  After a wait of about a year it was finally fixed, and productivity around the galaxy immediately declined.

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