Hoad was the head henchman at Jabba's Palace for a few years before Han Solo screwed the pooch and dumped the Hutt's latest spice shipment into space. He was supposedly the only human Jabba ever respected, but it was probably because he was completely surly and belligerent. Boelo had no patience for stupidity, and he felt everyone was an idiot.

Hoad was present at the Cantina when Han Solo killed Greedo. He immediately ran back to Jabba's penthouse to let the Hutt know what had happened, and made Chuck Steak help the Hutt get all the way to Docking Bay 94 where Solo's ship was parked. After a whole lot of nonsense with Solo, Jabba let him go after raising the debt. After witnessing the scene though, Boelo realized he could step on Jabba's tail and get away with it. Jabba recognized that he couldn't do anything to Boelo and not lose the respect of his underlings, since they also saw him let Solo get away with it. At one point, Boelo accidentally hit Jabba in the face with a vibrostaff. He swore it was an accident, and Jabba accepted the apology. The Hutt again couldn't seek out retribution, knowing his men would turn on him. He also couldn't let on how badly it hurt, but MAN did he hate Boelo after that. He transferred Boelo to Mos Espa, where he had plenty of room to swing staffs and not hit anyone.

Boelo had a pet Womprat, which he cared for and kept for nearly 15 years before he finally decided to try and have sex with it. It was barely more than 2 meters, so...that's how he died.

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