Herm senses a flaming bag of poo in his future.

Herm Edwards was a head coach of the Bestine City Snugglebutts in the Jawa Football League (JFL) on Tatooine from years 25,052 to 25,057 (or years 18 to 23 according to the Imperial Calendar)(or 1 BBY to 4 ABY, according to the New Republic Calendar). Although he had some success leading his team to an occasional playoff appearance, he his mostly known for poor decision making and time management, particularly in the final two minutes of games. Fans, often frustrated with his knack for bumbling away comfortable leads in the final seconds, were known to leave flaming bags of bantha poo on his doorstep. The JFL Season was a boon to the local 1-800-Flaming-Poo delivery business, owned and operated by Hermi Odle.

It is believed that Yanous the Gassy Garden Gnome befriended Edwards while visiting Tatooine in 4 ABY, and was promptly advised to stop his quest to visit every planet in the galaxy in favor of making an attempt on Jabba the Hutt's life. This despite the fact that Yanous was only one planet shy of becoming the first being in the history of the galaxy to accomplish this mind boggling journey. Just prior to his assassination attempt, Yanous was brutally murdered by Luke Skywalker in an otherwise unlikely result that even the most casual of fans could have seen coming a mile away.   Informed of Yanous's untimely death, a beleaguered Edwards stated, "We can build on this!" 

800px-Owen Luke

Owen Lars points to the stadium where Herm Edwards called for a punt with 20 seconds to go while trailing, even though it was 2nd and goal on the 8.

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