Artist's rendering of Greedo Greedo running on Kessel.

Greedo Greedo was the second youngest of Sir James Greedo's children.  It was clear at that point that James was running out of names for his kids.  I mean, he really just stopped caring at that point.  Anyway, Greedo Greedo was kind of a jerk because his dad didn't really pay much attention to him as a kid.  He wasn't even that close to his brothers, so he struck out on his own, and went to Kessel to do some jogging and clear his mind.  While there, he was witness to one of the greatest feats of spaceflight maneuvering in history, when some loon named Lando Calrissian flew a bucket of junk through the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs.  Not being any kind of aerospace engineer, Greedo Greedo wasn't sure what this meant, but he knew this was quite an accomplishment.  After completing his sabbatical, Greedo Greedo returned to Tatooine and tried to mend fences with his family.  He reached out to his brother Tom, and they arranged a meeting at Chalmun's Cantina in Mos Eisley.  Greedo Greedo thought this was a wretched hive of scum and villainy, and hardly the appropriate place for what was sure to be a tearful reunion, but Tom said he had business to take care of and it was the only place he could meet.  Greedo Greedo arrived at Chalmun's and discovered that Tom had been killed in a bar fight.  Greedo Greedo cursed the poor security measures at the cantina.   Clearly, the sign at the door said "No blasters."  Later, he found out Tom was killed by the guy who now had the ship that ran the Kessel in 12 parsecs, or something like that.  At this revelation, Greedo Greedo could only say, "Huh".

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