Medal Greeble

This award was given to Alliance pilots that destoyed lots of greebles on the surface of large capital ships and death stars.

Notable Recipients

"Skywalker knew the importance of greebles and nurnies to the Empire, and focused on taking a bunch of them out on the surface of the Death Star, instead of being a good wingman, which probably would have gotten him killed, and then none of us would be here today, would we?  Anyway, Biggs Darklighter advised Luke to stop messing around with the greebles, but not before he did some serious damage.  Skywalker's actions bring great credit to himself and model builders everywhere."

"Squat Clemmens spent a lot of time picking off greebles and nurnies from the surface of the Imperial Super Star Destroyer Executor during the Battle of Endor.  Some of these greebles probably served some purpose, and we're pretty sure one of them would have contributed to a successful defense against careening A-Wings that ended up destroying the bridge.  Squat's attention to detail brings great credit upon himself and the Alliance."

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