The Grand Army was introduced to the Galaxy at the Battle Of Geonosis, though it had been started ten years previous to the Clone Wars. The backbone of the army was the Clonetrooper, cloned from Seperatist member Jango Fett. They were altered to age twice as fast, thus being ready after the decade for combat. They were also made to be more docile and take orders better than the independent and stubborn Fett.

The Clones were bred and trained on Kamino until they were picked up by Jedi Master Yoda and taken to Geonosis to rescue Mace Windu's task force. They immediately took on the Seperatist army in battle, ultimately winning the fight. They continue fighting alongside the Jedi, ultimately winning the war, until they were given the secret Order 66 and turned on their Jedi commanders. After the birth of the Empire, the Clones were recognized as Imperial Stormtroopers.



Heavy Cavalry

Combat Service Support

Aerial Assault

Mechanized Infantry


Notable Units

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