012 Thrown Weequay

Grak Buz on Sail Barge before his death

The least assuming of all the Weequay aboard Jabba The Hutt's Sail Barge on its final voyage, Grak-Buz knew exactly what was happening outside when he heard all the screaming and shouting on the upper deck. He immediately crammed himself in a supply closet, in an attempt to hide and survive the fury of the lightsaber weilding maniac outside, but was shoved back out by Nysad, the slumbering Nikto who had hidden there to nap hours previous.

Grak-Buz, desperate to escape the carnage, bumped into a Gamorrean Guard on his way to one of the windows, and fell to the floor with his sidearm slipping out of its holster and hitting him right on the big toe. Cursing his worn out boots, Grak-Buz grabbed the pistol, and opened the window to see how feasible it would be to simply jump out and run away.

As soon as he opened the window, however, Luke Skywalker grabbed Grak-Buz's arm and yanked him free of the Sail Barge. Grak-Buz hit the ground hurt-toe first, then slid into the waiting maw of the Sarlacc.