The youngest of the infamous Bacon Brothers, Giran was known as the simpathetic one. He was almost as slow to anger as his brother Roy, but not quite as generous with

Giran Bacon, assistant and lover to Malakili.

his money. He did however have no problem hugging things out.

Giran was left with his ailing mother on Klatooine when his brothers (and one cousin) took off to become smugglers. After a brave battle against Hepatic peribiliary cysts, Mother Bacon became one with the Force. Giran caught up with his brothers on Tatooine, where the group began searching for work as thugs in Mos Espa. Giran and his cousin Yotts could not agree on some sports statistics at some point, but the dispute was settled by the human, Jim Toback. He was quickly welcomed into the gang, and stayed by their sides until the end.

After working as bodyguards for Wioslea, the Bacon Brothers (and one cousin, and a human) were employed at Jabba's Palace. Giran, as a young Klaatu, was not entrusted with any serious work such as maintenance or driving. He was instead assigned to assist Malakili in caring for Jabba's pet Rancor. Giran's heart quickly went out to Malakili, who was pudgy and unable to score with chicks. Even Yarna turned him down. One night, after almost getting his arm ripped off while feeding the Rancor, Giran and Malakili had a bit too much to drink and began to swap spittle. They were no longer able to deny the love that had been building between them.

Months later, Luke Skywalker entered the Palace and turned everything upside down. Luke murdered the Rancor with a door, and Malakili was a complete wreck. Giran tried to console him, and offered a loving sack wash, but Malakili was gone. Jabba sentenced Skywalker and his friends to death at the Sarlacc Pit, and Giran was ordered to join the Sail Barge crew. He promised Malakili he'd be back, and they would do nothing for a full week but cuddle. A promise he was unable to fulfill when Luke Skywalker blew his ass up on the Sail Barge almost an hour later.