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Lucas in love
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George Lucas is the most powerful being in the Galaxy. He created Lightsabers, the Force, Darth Vader, AND midichlorians.

Early Life

In his youth, Lucas was able to grow in size. Seen here, he is plugging the Death Star's superlaser with his finger.
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Lucas was born on Modesto. His power was immediately overwhelming to the planet.


George lucas yoda
Lucas gives Yoda a litle squeeze as a reminder of who is really boss.
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Lucas initially received training at a community college, but ultimately went to USC. It was somewhere around here that the Force was born, and Lucas controlled all of it.


Lucas award
Lucas accepting the BAITG award.
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Lucas began building his immense Empire, waving his hand and wishing things into reality. But he also made some painful mistakes. Jarjar Binks, Jake Lloyd, midichlorians, etc. He also made some not quite as noticible blunders along the way. Why did Zam Wesell need to be a shapeshifter? It ultimately made no difference. Why did Amidala have a handmaiden who posed as her? If you see Hidden Fortress, which he openly ripped off, you'll see what a sad shadow of that plot the handmaiden idea is.
Lucas lloyd
"Okay, I'm gonna roll the cameras, and you just do what you do. I completely trust you, and I feel no need to explain to you what the hell is going on at all. I certainly love all the stuff you're doing, so just go over there and any flubs or what have you, we'll cover it up with some CG. This Jarjar guy is going to be hilarious, trust me. Filmmaking is NOT about the little details."
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 Later Life

George Lucas portman
Lucas sucking out only a piece of Natalie Portman's soul, just to keep her in line.
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As Lucas aged, he somehow was able to go backwards in time, like some kinda obese Benjamin Button. His powers diminished, but he was certainly able to remind everyone who was boss. He created Ahsoka Tano in an effort to make Anakin Skywalker suck even worse.
Lucas chick
With all his power, and his immense Empire to run, Lucas still made time for the ladies.
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In his later life, Lucas could still increase his a new direction.
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But somehow, he still made incredibly popular decisions. Despite wiping his penis all over everything the people loved, they seemed to love it even more with his pecker tracks all over it. It was a dark time, though no one noticed.
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Carbonite lucas
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Lucas was the inspiration for the punk band Lucas Turkey Neck.
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