Geonosis helmet

The Meat Slicers won a whole bunch of championships back when nobody kept track of that stuff.

The Geonosis Meat Slicers were a proud JFL franchise locates on Geonosis.


The Meat Slicers were one of the first non-Tatooine teams and had a long period of success. Some of their success was attributed to their home stadium, Petranaki Arena, which was a very dofficult place for opposing teams due to the weather, raucous fans, and giant murderous beasts. Some teams flat-out refused to play there, accepting forfeits. The period of success was interrupted when their quarterback kept sending pictures of his junk to everybody and refused to retire for over 40 years.



Fans of the Meat Slicers didn't care who won, as long as someone was violently maimed.

Even though the meat processing industry never really took off on Geonosis, fans embraced the imagery, sometimes wearing hats or underpants made of meat. For this reason they were referred to as meat heads.

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