Lot's of Jedi died on Geonosis. Otehr than that, it was pretty boring.

Geonosis was home to the Geonosians, and member of the Confederacy of Independent Systems.


Geonosis had a rocky barren landscape. Nobody gave much of a crap about the planet until its ruler Poggle the Lesser went into the Battle Droid business. Many droid factories were built on the planet, and they supplied cheap military forces to the Trade Federation and, eventually, the rest of the CIS. it was where the Battle Of Geonosis occurred, igniting the Galaxy wide conflict of the Clone Wars. After the Clone Wars, it was largely forgotten again. The Geonosis Meatslicers of the JFL were bases on Geonosis.

Notable Residents

Lots of Geonosians fought in the Clone Wars, but few were notable. Some were even zombies. Some of the ones who at least had names were:

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