Gela yeens
Gela was a smuggler who took on the odd bounty hunting job, but usually only if the person was kinda old or frail.

Yeens worked for Jabba The Hutt almost exclusively, and got along well with most of the staff. His best friend was Chuck Steak, but it always upset Gela everytime he thought about Chuck's wife, Gilda Cohen, sleeping around. The most upsetting thing about it for Gela was everytime he slept with Gilda.

The last time he saw his best friend was the day Chuck finally put it together that Gilda was playing him. Gela was in the Cantina in Mos Eisley, looking for Debnoli, and bumped into Boelo and Steak. "He's right there, I see him," Boelo commented as he pointed at Debnoli sitting at one of the tables.

"I know. I'm just gonna keep an eye on him."

That's when Chuck and his wife had a minor scene, and then some punk got knocked into a table and an old man cut off some limbs with a Lightsaber. Quite the day in the Cantina. Shortly after that, Han Solo blew Tom Greedo away, and just sauntered out.

Gela went with Steak and Boelo to let Jabba know what had happened, but Jabba was extremely blase about it. For some unknown reason, he literally let Han Solo walk all over him. Well, Gela finally put it together why. The Hutt was sweet on Solo. Well, Gela hated to think of himself as a homophobe, but if his boss is going to keep such an incredibly significant part of himself secret from his employees, well, who knows what else he's been lying about. Gela turned in his resignation then and there.

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