Garven Dreis
Garven Dreis was a seasoned veteran by the time he flew against the Death Star at the Battle Of Yavin, with the younger pilots looking up to him as a father-figure. When Garven was a young man himself though, he fought in the Clone Wars alongside seasoned warrior Miles O'Keeffe. Garven definitely looked up to the gruff man, who was fighting for the Republic in order to shorten a prison sentence. Whatever his past, Garven was struck with the man's integrity and honor. These were qualities he always strived to display the rest of his days.

Garven fought for the Republic in the Battle of Nexus Ortai. He also fought alongside the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, never realizing that the man who would shoot him down over the Death Star was one and the same. He led the Rebel assault on the Empire's planet exploding space station, trying to fire a torpedo into the exhaust port, thus starting a chain reaction that would blow the whole thing up. He was unsuccessful, but his death bought Luke Skywalker the needed moment to start chewing his Mentos and realize he needed to use the Force to succeed.

Garven had many nicknames through his combat career. "Dave", "Red Leader", "Boss", "Boner", and once..."Asshole".

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