Garm Bel Iblis

Garm Bel Iblis received one nomination for Best Mustache, but never won.

Garm Bel Iblis was a Senator from Corellia and was one of the founding members of the Rebel Alliance.

Life on Corellia

Corellia was a rough and tumble planet filled with barbershop quartets and drag races.  Bel Iblis spent most of his time cruising around the planet, hanging out at local burger joints, and smoking behind the high school gymnasium.  During a fateful night one summer, he saw a beautiful blonde in a white speeder.  After spending the rest of the night trying to find her, he decides to accept his scholarship to the Academy and leave Corellia.

Senate Career

Bel Iblis was an above average student at the Academy, but frequently clashed with his instructors, who disapproved of his renegade ways.  He graduated with a degree in Human Studies, and returned home.  While he easily found a job, he felt that he did not fit in with his corporate colleagues, yet he no longer connected with his old friends, who resented his education and income.  Bel Iblis quit his job and became an activist and worked to limit the power of the Republic over the rights of individual planets.  As his movement gained popularity among Corellians, he challenged incumbant Bill Antilles for Corellia's Senate seat.  In debates, Bel Iblis eviscerated Antilles on both his unwillingness to stand up for Corellia and his inability to dress himself.  He won an easy victory.  In the senate, he was one of Chancellor Palpatine's leading critics.  He became close friends with Fang Zar who shared his concerns about Palpatine's tendency to expand his own power and minimize the voice of indivual planets- especially after the Clone Wars broke out.  Bel Iblis had Corellia sealed off from the Republic under an archaic provision of the Galactic Constitution.  Even so, many Corellians served in the conflict.

Rebel Alliance

When the Clone Wars ended and Palpatine declared the Empire, Bel Iblis decided that he had had enough of this shit, and pulled Corellia out altogether.  Since Corellia had a very formidable military, the Empire was unwilling to take it back by force.  Bel Iblis had also learned that certain other pockets of resistance had developed, and sought to unite them.  He met with Bail Organa and Mon Mothma and made an agreement to work together in an Alliance.  He worked well with Organa, but did not get along with Mon Mothma, which was unexpected since he was a white Human.  After Bail Organa died in the destruction of Alderaan, Bel Iblis couldn't handle working for that bitch so he quit.

New Republic

Several years later, he re-emerged and decided to play nice with Mon Mothma and her New Republic.  Mostly he just hung out with Han Solo and Lando, which is what most cool people would have done.

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