"Nuk nuk nerrrrrr."

Garindan was a Kubaz who was rumored to be the greatest spy in Mos Eisley, but this was a rumor he'd perpetuated himself. If his information gathering was even half of what his gossip-spreading skills were, he'd definitely have been rich.

Garindan's biggest score came when he was wandering around Mos Eisley and caught sight of two Droids that matched the description sent out on the Imperial band of two Droids they were looking for.

He radioed the Imperial Garrison Base in Mos Eisley, and then met with Chain Spak to report what he'd seen. Chain and his Squad went into Docking Bay 94 to apprehend the Droids, but came back out empty handed.

Later, Darth Vader came to Mos Eisley personally to beat Garindan and sodomize him until he finally gave Vader the information needed to determine the identity of the one who blew up the Death Star.
Garindan Chain

Garindan and Chain Spak.

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