Ff happy

Naming their Felucian Mushroom logo Mr. Happy didn't help. Honestly, it's just a mushroom.

The Felucia Fellatia were a JFL team located on Felucia.


Felucia was a sparsely populated jungle planet that was awarded an expansion team over many worthier planets like Corellia, Kooriva, and Bestine IV. It is largely assumed that Felucia was chosen because the Jawa executives thought the planet's name was hilarious. This is confirmed by the fact that they forced the new franchise to be named the Fellatia. The Felucians didn't get it.


The team wasn't terrible, but Felucians didn't pay much attention. The team was only able to stay afloat financially because their merchandise sold well off-planet. Especially among college students. Home crowds were primarily made up of curious tourists and fans of the visiting teams.

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