Faucet was found as a very young child by the Jedi Order, but was a couple years older than most of those kidnapped and inducted into the cult. He'd already formed an attachment to his parents, that Master Yoda was able to help him overcome. The one thing Faucet was unable to repress was his love of music and dance. When it came time to become a Padawan learner, Faucet was intentionally late to the meeting. He hoped to be skipped by a Master, and thus be able to join the Boy Band Corps in the temple. He'd been practicing his moves, his dance moves, and was ready to show them what he had. Unfortunately, he was saddled with drunken Jedi Master Relti Poopdeck.

Over the years of his apprenticeship though, Faucet discovered that he could teach Relti as much as he had to learn from the master. By the time Faucet was ready for his trials, Relti had been sober for 13 weeks and also could waltz like nobody's business. Faucet had seen several dozen worlds, and knew how to chop bits of people off with his lightsaber.

Before the trials could happen though, the pair joined Mace Windu in his task force to rescue Obi-Wan Kenobi at Geonosis. Faucet was killed towards the end of the arena battle that kicked off the Battle Of Geonosis.

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