Fang Zar wants you to bring him some Cheetos.

Fang Zar was senator during the Clone Wars, representing the Sern Sector.  He was an outspoken critic of Palpatine, which eventually got him killed.

Senate Career Edit

Fang Zar was from Sern Prime.  his family was wealthy and held estates on several other planets including Coruscant, where Fang was educated in philosophy, eventually earning an advanced degree, and publishing a treatise on polycentric law and governance.  During the annual symposium of bearded philosophers, Fang met Sio Bibble who encouraged him to enter the world of politics and put his theories into practice.  Fang returned to his home world and secured a seat in the Galactic Senate representing the Sern Sector.  Fang became good friends with Garm Bel Iblis, and supported his moves to decentralize power and promote planetary independence.  He also became friends with Bail Organa, who was constantly droning on and on about equality and justice and worked frequently with Padme AmidalaMon Mothma didn't care much for him.

Rebellion! Edit

When the Emperor continued to seize power, Fang sided with Organa and others who chose to challenge this expansion of the chancellorship.  Their complaints were duly noted, but ignored.  When Mon Mothma formed the Rebel Alliance, Fang tried to join, but she kept telling him to think it over carefully and get back to her in a few weeks.  Eventually, Fang was put on a list of senators that needed to be killed.  He fled to Alderaan where Bail Organa had offered him a place to hide.  Fang enjoyed hanging out in Bail's basement eating Cheetos and watching TV, but after a few months it was obvious that Mrs. Organa wanted him gone, so he arranged to go back to Sern Prime.  Unfortunately Darth Vader had tracked him down and killed him before he could leave.

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